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Join the force with VS Power Tools for F#


Hi Faisal,

F# Software Foundation ( would like to assemble VS Power Tools for F# which consists of useful VS extensions for F# language. The VS Power Tools will be maintained by in the incubation space The idea is to maintain the extensions, actively update them when a new VS version comes out, and potentially share critical resources between them e.g. instances of F# Compiler.
Here is the list of considered extensions (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

We would like to include FSharpJump as a part of VS Power Tools for F#. It's a pity to see this useful extension inactive and not being updated for VS 2013.

Would you allow us to distribute FSharpJump in VS Power Tools via Apache license? Please drop us a line: Phan (phananhdung104 at gmail dot com) and Don (donsyme at fastmail dot fm) so that we could discuss this further.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Best regards,